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visa problems, please help asap...

Short-term and long-term visas, application requirements, waiting times, advantages and disadvantages of stay vs. resident visas, who needs an ARC, and why do people opt for permanent residency
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visa problems, please help asap...

Postby Guest » 08 Jan 2001, 17:12

This will be a little complicated but I would really appreciate some advice. I lived in Taiwan for 2 years, working legally with all my visa stuff in order. Then I went to East Europe for 6 months. The Taiwan visa guy in Prague doesn't think much of canadians (he told me all about how difficult it is for taiwanese to get a visa in Canada, I sympathized, he did not) and he only gave me a one-month single-entry visitor visa. It expires on Jan. 17. On Jan.16 I will go to thailand for 10 days, and will want to return to Taipei. As of yet I have not found a visa job I like, but have found other work (shhh). What are my options for getting a visa until I find a good visa/arc job? I have been told to not even bother trying in Bankok as they will not issue me a visa, even if I go to a language school prior to my holiday in Thailand and have all the paperwork. It sounds like I will need to get a one-month landing visa, and then will have to go to Hong Kong. If so, what documents do I need to present in Hong Kong in order to get a 60 day visitor visa? I know it's a little convoluted, can you please help me make sense of it all? I really have no idea when it comes to red tape. Also, can you tell me about Flag?

visa problems, please help asap...

Postby Guest » 09 Jan 2001, 02:06

I had this problem long as you don't overstay your visa in Tawian you will be ok..

Bangkok is a gamble as I heard some people have gotten the visa easily there..but others got turned down point blank.

Go to HK.. you are guaranteed of a 30 day at least.. a Canadian friend got a sixty day visa.

You need
2 photos
A return ticket out of Taiwan
380HK dollars (have the right money as they do not give back change and will only accept the exact amount)

HK Visa office know the visa run so they will process your visa without any problem..get the application in before 12PM and you will get it returned same day at 4.00pm with your visa

The visa office is located on the 40th florr on the Lippo building. To get there take the train from the airport to Central, then change to the MTR to Admirality... go out Exit No. 4 on Admiralty and you will come out under the Lippo Building
Try to get into the Visa office before 10 am

Good luck

visa problems, please help asap...

Postby Guest » 09 Jan 2001, 03:18

I went to Singapore in Feb 2000.

I already had an expired 2 month extendable visa, and an OVERSTAYING stamp in my passport.

But I had no problems geting aonother 60 day non-extendable visa in Singapore.


visa problems, please help asap...

Postby Guest » 19 May 2001, 23:44

Several other people have mentioned to me that Singapore is better for getting a visa renewal than HK or Bangkok.

Does anyone else have full information about this? What about the situation in Seoul, Honolulu, Tokyo, or Sydney?

visa problems, please help asap...

Postby Guest » 20 May 2001, 04:57

I had a bad experience in Singapore. I'd been told that they would be able to give me a 60 day visa. Then when I went there they told me that I could only get 30 days. And then they gave me some wrong information (about the time it would take and what I would need) and I wasn't able to get one at all.


visa problems, please help asap...

Postby Guest » 23 May 2001, 22:52

I recieved a 60 day visitor visa from the taiwan "embassy" in Fukuoka, Japan. It was free, took less than an hour and quite straight forward. The documents I brought with me included a onward ticket from Taiwan, and a language school acceptance letter. The only hassle has been changing NTD...which is not done in Japan. Change plenty of that cash BEFORE you leave Taiwan.
The address and phone number for the TECO in FUkuoka can be found on the web. GOOD LUCK.

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