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Visa Extension

Postby Visitor » 28 Apr 2001, 09:13

I am studying at TLI and just went to get my first ever visa extension (I have a 2 month tourist visa). I was only given a 1 month extension, when I was under the impression I was going to get 2. When I asked why (they originally only gave me 3 weeks, but then said they had made a mistake when I questioned it) it was only extended 1 month even though my school certificate said I had more than one month to go, they responded that because TLI was not a proper university they could only extended my visa by one month. Is this correct? or were they just telling me what they felt like at the time?

Visa Extension

Postby Visitor » 28 Apr 2001, 09:59

I don't mean to be impolite, but why don't you bring up this issue with the officials at TLI and DEMAND THAT THEY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

TLI is an old and well established school, and is run by Mr. Ho. He is known to have a lot of high-powered government connections.

I am sorry if this is overly blunt.

Visa Extension

Postby Visitor » 29 Apr 2001, 05:44

This is standard. I don't know if even Shi-Da students get 2 months, but private schools definitely just a month at a time. I think it changed from 2 to 1 about 2 or 3 years ago. But it's not a big deal you still get the same amount of total time (ie 6 months) it just means you have to go to the police station more often. I think if you register under a Taipei County adress you go to Banqiao instead and they don;t require you to go in person (your school can go for you) if it is to much of a problem for you to make it to the police station. I think they are open Sat morning (Taipoei City one) by the way.


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