Pingdong: 3 year ARC denied -as expected.

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Pingdong: 3 year ARC denied -as expected.

Postby Taiwan_Student » 05 Jun 2001, 07:51

In the previous topic "foreign spouce leaving for a while" you stated that the police in Taipei have no problem giving 3 year ARC's no matter how long you were married.

This is not the case here. The police officer stated that he is sorry but he can't grant me the 3 Year ARC until after I've been married for 4 years.

I told him this is not the case in Taipei but he just said that's how it is here.

After telling him that I will appeal this, he said I'm welcome to.

I will prepare the information you asked and send it registered mail to your contact address this week.

I plan on leaving Taiwan at the end of this month. My wife will soon after me.

How long would this process take and how much of a donation would you like for this service?

By the way.. none of the foreign spouses I know do not know anything about the three year ARC. I will share my experience with the Pingdong Community.

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