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Impact of 1 day overstay on visa

Short-term and long-term visas, application requirements, waiting times, advantages and disadvantages of stay vs. resident visas, who needs an ARC, and why do people opt for permanent residency
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Impact of 1 day overstay on visa

Postby miguelito » 12 Nov 2005, 18:15

I perused this forum and didn
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Impact of 1 day overstay on visa - the voice of experience

Postby Juba » 12 Nov 2005, 18:47

miguelito wrote:I guess we miscounted our days, b/c the airline said she had overstayed her 60 day visa by ONE day, made her pay $1000NT, and sign something in Chinese.

I don't think so. An overstay is no concern of the airline. She would have been stopped at the immigration (actually emigration) desk and sent to the airport police office to pay her fine.

If she is entitled to visa-free entry to Taiwan, she will be denied that right for one year. In addition, when applying for a visa, she will be treated more strictly because of her record of overstaying. Has her multiple-entry visa been canceled? If not, I think she will have no problem. If the old visa has been cancelled so she needs to apply for a new one, she should be given one as long as she can prove that her prospective employer has applied for a work permit.

Let us know how it goes.
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Thinking of Having Kids (xiǎng yào shēng xiǎo hái)
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Postby Belgian Pie » 12 Nov 2005, 19:11

As far as I know Juba is right, airlines can not have you pay anything for overstaying a visa, it's non of their concern ... what they can do is stop you from entering a plane on the way to Taiwan when you don't have a return ticket and no visa ... visa free entry needs a return or ongoing ticket normally ... they can let you sign a paper that ssays that you take all responsibility when not allowed into the country at your destination, were you have to buy a new ticket out again ... nothing else

They can have you pay an overweight fee for your luggage that's it ...
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Belgian Pie
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Postby God » 23 Nov 2005, 14:53

So what happened in the end?
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Postby puiwaihin » 23 Nov 2005, 15:08

Make sure she has a valid visa of the required type before she comes.

I overstayed 1 day before and was able to get a visa with no problem. If you have a work permit already issued you won't have any trouble getting a new visa. If you are trying to come over on a tourist visa and then have it converted to a residential visa, you will probably have to leave the country and apply for the residential visa and then come back.

Postby Lord Lucan » 23 Nov 2005, 16:19

Exactly the same thing happened me once: I overstayed for one day while waiting for my work permit Go To Hong Kong To Pick Up Your Papers pink slip from the MoFA.

I went to the FAP and they stamped my passport "No landing visa for a year" but didn't fine me. They extended my tourist visa for one day so I could get the flight. Nothing to do with the airline, AFAIK, unless the government have farmed out fining passengers for overstays to the airline.

Shouldn't affect her work permit application at all. If they haven't stamped your passport then I can't see how you wouldn't get a landing visa either.

Many carriers will force you to have an onward ticket. I fought with Cathay Pacific over this, and they eventually showed me the regulation. It's true. Theoretically, the Taiwan government can refuse you entry if you don't have a ticket on. My solution to this when my wife did not have an ARC due to her unforgivable crime of having been born in China, was to buy a full-fare one way ticket ro Hong Kong from Cathay Pacific in cash, and get it refunded when she arrived in Taipei. If you buy it here in Taipei in cash they can refund it here in Taipei in cash. Otherwise they will hold onto your money for months and blame Visa/Mastercard/Someone Else.

Ask in Taipei if you can buy the ticket here in cash, and make sure the carrier she is coming to Taiwan on knows about the existence of this onward ticket. It is after all the airlines who insist on this, not immigration.

Who's she coming with?
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Lord Lucan
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Almost a God (jīhū shì shén)
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