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Damaged to New Passport - JFRV and ARC Renewal

Short-term and long-term visas, application requirements, waiting times, advantages and disadvantages of stay vs. resident visas, who needs an ARC, and why do people opt for permanent residency
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Damaged to New Passport - JFRV and ARC Renewal

Postby Alleycat » 14 Dec 2005, 18:56

On re-entering Taiwan in September I was told that because my passport was full, I would need to get a new one. I planned to of course, expecting little difficulty in getting a new JFRV attached to the aforementioned new passport with the original as proof of my eligibility stuck neatly in a full, yet servicable, passport. With a new JVRC in my new passport I planned to go to the FAP on Yanping for a new ARC, my current 3-year ARC (damaged too) expires in January 2006.

A day later, my passport still in my shirt pocket (with my ARC inside) was washed.

This is where things become unstuck or rather stuck together.

My original passport is damaged.

Everything is now stuck together. (I know what you're thinking-I do not love myself that much).

The yellow entry form, though still attached, is blank.

The re-entry sticker is illegible. It is valid till January 2006.

My JVRC is still legible though. It has open vailidity. All I would have needed to do was renew my ARC and get a new re-entry sticker had I had a servicable passport.

My ARC is also damaged though one can still see the original details, my face, my passport number and my wife's name, but not the the reverse which included an extension (until January 2006) and my new ID number. It is valid till January 2006.

So far I have done this:

I went to the RSA offices and received a spanking new passport that will only expire when that asteroid is scheduled to hit earth.

What worries me is that all the old documentation is based on my old passport number. The number of my new passport does not correspond to the old one of course. And of course the damage to my papers which if undamaged would have led to, I assume, a painless renewal.

I've also just moved to the hills above Neihu and our new Family Register is based on our new address which is in Taipei County.

To avoid any further hassles that may arise through me not having dealt with Taipei County's foreign Affairs Police and to avoid further complicating an already complicated affair, I've asked the wife to re-regsiter us on her parents' Family Register, as they live in the Taipei City. The original Family Register I used for my first JVRC some six years ago.

So armed with a damaged passport, a damaged ARC, a new passport (but different number), and a Taipei City Family Register, WHERE SHOULD I START?

At the MOFA or at the FAP on Yanping?

Will I need to redo all the medicals, CCRDs etc etc. I pray not.



As an aside: All the entry stamps in my damaged passport are smeared and quite illegible. How, then, will I go about proving my residence for the requisite number of days for an APRC?

At this stage, I'm just going for the ARC as I woul like to travel at CNY. But when I return I would like to start the process of applying for an APRC.
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Second Landlord (èr fáng dōng)
Second Landlord (èr fáng dōng)
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Postby Miranda » 14 Dec 2005, 20:40

Just go down to the FAP and they'll give you a new ARC. They have all your records on computer anyway. It's just like you lost your ARC. There was no need to change your household registration. The folks in Banqiao aren't that bad. I kept my registration in Taipei City for yonks I'd heard so many bad things about them, but they were fine when I went to update my ARC.

I would go to the FAP and ask them. It's possible you'll have to get a new resident visa in your new passport if the old one is illegible. Then they'll give you a new ARC.
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Chair-throwing Legislator (rēng yǐzi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
Chair-throwing Legislator (rēng yǐzi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
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Postby Belgian Pie » 15 Dec 2005, 13:32

Or ... report it lost in hyperspace ... tell them (FAP)you got a new passport .. everything should go smoothly as they deal with this once in while ... people get their things stolen you know, or lose it ...
I had a friend whos purse got stolen with everthing inside and she got all sparkling new a week later ...
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Belgian Pie
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