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TVs and Other Electronicals........

Moderator: Mick

Re: TVs and Other Electronicals........

Postby DesertSpider » 04 Feb 2012, 11:23

mabagal wrote:So in a way, looking for a TV or other big box electronics stuff is going to soon resemble this same experience shopping in Taiwan. The good thing is there is Amazon and all the vertical search engines to consolidate it for you.

Yes, I like to hit the aggregator sites as well, Google Shopping, NextTag, Newegg, etc. - the question would then be finding it here.

Thanks to the other posters above for the advice.

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Re: TVs and Other Electronicals........

Postby Icon » 04 Feb 2012, 11:24

I'd say that would be difficult, as they are probably from the Marketplace, which is not available for sale in Taiwan -meaning we cannot buy anything from the Marketplace from here, be it a cat toy or a TV set.
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Re: TVs and Other Electronicals........

Postby Satellite TV » 04 Feb 2012, 11:29

PapaAzucar wrote:Has anyone ever ordered expensive electronics from Amazon and have it shipped to Taiwan? When I say expensive, I mean like over 1000US or 30,000NT?
Does Amazon handle the customs, import tax, etc.?

No Amazon doesnt handle your import taxes you need to do that by yourself. Normally they ship with Fedex or UPS and those companies will contact you when your shipment arrives to get a copy of you passport and ARC. They tell you how much to you need to pay in taxes and you normally pay that on delivery.
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Satellite TV
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