Sonos 3 Wireless Speaker

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Sonos 3 Wireless Speaker

Postby squall1 » 14 Apr 2012, 11:14

Does anyone know if and where you can buy a Sonos 3 wireless speaker in Taipei? Does 3c carry them?
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Re: Sonos 3 Wireless Speaker

Postby tmz_99 » 17 Dec 2013, 20:14

if anyone knows who stocks Sonos in Taiwan it would be a great help. I've currently got a whole multi-room system sitting in customs and having trouble passing it with the NCC to allow it in, if someone else has managed it, would make my life a whole lot easier.. :/
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Re: Sonos 3 Wireless Speaker

Postby INeedAUsername » 21 Apr 2016, 14:01

I'm planning to ship my SONOS system to Taiwan, any update on what happened here?
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