Cell phone technology in Taiwan

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Cell phone technology in Taiwan

Postby dan2006 » 23 Apr 2012, 09:39

Hi All.

Can anyone tell me what phone would be compatible in Taiwan? I want to confirm some old info that was posted here.

Before I leave for Taiwan from Canada, I wanted to grab a phone here and bring it with me to Taiwan.

A post from 2010 said that "all carriers in Taiwan use both GSM 900MHz and 1800MHz as 2G bands and only UMTS (aka 3G) 2100MHz as their 3G band."

I am looking at the Samsung Galaxy note. According to the specs, it looks like I will be ok for 2g, as this is my carrier's specs for the phone.

HSPA/UMTS compatibility
850/1700/ 1900/2100 MHz
GPRS/EDGE compatibility
850/900/1800/1900 MHz

So it looks like 2G is covered off from the 900 ad 1800 bands.

But my carrier also has 3G HSPA as well and 4G LTE.. does Taiwan use this as well? the 3G and 4G speeds are really good so I hope it is available in Taiwan.
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