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The Taiwanease App is on sale in the iTunes App Store now!

Moderator: Mick

Re: The Taiwanease App is on sale in the iTunes App Store now!

Postby maoman » 24 Apr 2012, 17:58

ceevee369 wrote:I do hope it is publicity free for that price though? I hate banners popping up when an app is payable. And please - NEVER EVER start playing the decrease / increase pricing game as many apps do.
Today 2.99$ - in a month 0.99$ than for free , followed by 3.99$ :no-no:
Needless to say the International community would not appreciate this.

I promise you, that'll never happen. :thumbsup:

ceevee369 wrote:Wishing you success - and thanks for creating this app with your 3rd party developers ! :thumbsup:

No third party developers - the team is in-house entirely! You can meet them at pretty much any Taiwanease Happy Hour.

ceevee369 wrote:First observations;
The initial update after downloading took less than 90 seconds on 3G which seems fast. Not sure how many kb has been added on top of the 6.5 Mb standard app or what info came extra.

Likes :
The taxi cards are the USP ! Like built-in flash cards hehe
Detailed info , Easiness to use , can self add establishments , can add places to favorites folder. Emergency tap to call (but risky pushing it by accident if no second confirmation screen...)

Dislikes / suggestions :
A home screen using the icons on the bottom would be neat. "Regions" as home screen is odd/ not sexy.
I'd add in a next release the possibility selecting the background color for the App (the blue-ish looks cheap- old style Dopod Windows 6.5, but that is a personal perception)
When using the map locator - would there be a possibility linking it to google maps, allowing to set directions?

As sustainable income & awareness generator - the App could be further developed to send push notifications.
Not the type of annoying "lady's night @ ..." but specific timely offers by included establishments. PM me Maoman if we can talk business :thumbsup:

Beauty errors ?
"Hospital vs. Clinics" ? why the diversification (as in TW they are all hospitals no?)
One "hostess bar" hehe - what's in a name? boo-boo perception for simple soul tourists confusing Taiwan with ThaiLand . ("country clubs' in certain countries are truly low esteem hostess bars )

keep up the good work :thumbsup:

Thanks very much for those comments. We're not done yet - we might never be done. We're going to keep on developing and rolling out new features, and of course, the directory is going to swell with even more listings now that people can add establishments on the spot. Keep the comments coming! We're listening! :cool:

PS Clinics refer to doctors running their own private practice. And we need more hostess bars. But my wife won't let me go out and do the necessary fieldwork. :(
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Re: The Taiwanease App is on sale in the iTunes App Store now!

Postby ceevee369 » 24 Apr 2012, 18:05

Thanks Ant. I'll do the country club assessments :thumbsup:
For the record: I refer to the push notifications suggestion in above email - seeking royalties in a few months. :whistle:
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