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Water heater/tank: how to keep it when unused?

Moderator: Mick

Water heater/tank: how to keep it when unused?

Postby yuli » 06 Jun 2012, 15:26

Some questions regarding slightly different technology, for those who have experience with keeping an electric water heater/tank system (several hundred liters capacity) in good shape during a period of prolonged non-use (a few weeks or longer) in this climate:
- should the heater be left switched on or can it be turned off?
- if the heater is left on, should some water be run periodically?
- if the heater is turned off, should the tank be drained?
Thanks in advance for suitable information! :bow:
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Re: Water heater/tank: how to keep it when unused?

Postby Ducked » 07 Jun 2012, 23:39

Not an expert, but I wouldn't have thought a few weeks would be a problem, assuming its sealed well enough to prevent it being a mosquito factory.

I'd have thought corrosion would, if anything, be slower if it isn't getting heated, and it presumably doesn't corrode very much in normal use.

Ultra-protection would be to drain and clean it, or add cathodic protection zincs, but I doubt either of these precautions is necessary.
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