BEST droid apps for learning English

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BEST droid apps for learning English

Postby Confuzius » 16 Jul 2012, 23:42

Hiya folks,

Should have made this inquiry a long time ago, but until today my adult business students showed little initiative on learning outside of the classroom. But today, having noticed how much my Chinese has improved the past few months they asked how was I able to do it. I said, of course I have an awesome tutor, but EVERY day (well, except Saturdays) I spend hours drilling vocab, sentences, grammatical constructs etc on Pleco (of course I also watch movies and translate books, have conversations, etc, but all of that would be pretty much nill if it wasn't for my drilling).

SO, to get to the point, is there an equivalent super badass awesome droid app for Mandarin speakers to learn English the way Pleco is for English speakers to learn Mandarin?


(not sure if this should be in this forum or the teaching English in taiwan, I guess if I do not get many responses I will ask the mods to move it then I will of course bump it).
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Re: BEST droid apps for learning English

Postby dudumomo » 17 Jul 2012, 07:43

The best may be to create a deck with Anki (Ankidroid on Android) for flashcards.

You could prepare it and ask them to review it.
Or let them prepare the flashcards at home.

I am using Anki for my chinese, and I quite like it.
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