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help. laptop won't turn off

Moderator: Mick

Re: help. laptop won't turn off

Postby Icon » 27 Apr 2016, 16:04

finley wrote:Depending on exactly how you view your email, email attachments are cached when you view them, and the cache may or may not be cleaned out after some time interval.

It's unlikely the PC shop will bother to copy the cache onto your backup, but I bet they will have a look just for a laugh.

So, sadly, Icon will have to find a new computer repair shop. :oops:

Oh, last time I forgot to delete search history. They were not happy.

Let's see what happens when I take it now. :D

And above mentioned's full frontal was sent using FB's Messenger. :shocker: Like, here's something to cheer you up...Thought it was his doggie's pic. Yep, it was a sausage, all right... :doh:
Lo urgente no deja tiempo para lo importante. Mafalda.

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