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JFRV and editing work...

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Re: JFRV and editing work...

Postby chanephraim » 06 Dec 2011, 22:16

do you know what's af353 means? what is the difference between jfrv and mine - the purpose of residence? I've got mine as multiple re entry permit,

[/quote="creztor"]I've got a JFRV and someone from a university wants me to help him with some editing work. Of course he needs my ARC to claim me as an expense for his research grant. However, can I do this kind of work on a JFRV legally? I realize the JFRV gives me open work rights, but how would I go about declaring the tax on this kind of freelance type work? I see others mention a "rentou" or just using a go between to get the money, but just seeing if it is even legal for me to do this in the first place. Thanks in advance.[/quote]
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