Can I have two work permits at the same time?

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Postby Joesox » 14 Oct 2005, 13:59

MotorcycleRider and Tetsuo, did you have to prove a minimum monthly wage for each of your work permits? MotorcycleRider, are all of yours teaching ones? Did you have to prove a minimum of 14 hours a week for each one?


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2 work permits and 1 ARC

Postby Enigma » 18 Oct 2005, 14:33

Motorcyclerider is correct. Simply have the second employer apply for the second work permit. When it comes through, take the ORIGINAL to FAP and they will note the second employer on your ARC. Max is indeed 3. The nice thing about this new procedure is that when you quit the first school, the second one becomes your primary sponsor and you don't have to do the visa run. As to the above post, no. You don't need to prove ANYTHING other than your identity. I have been recently asked for a copy of my apartment lease but this was asked by the employer in applying for the second work permit. I don't think it was used but I was told it was to prove residency in the community where I was getting my ARC stamped.
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