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Postby simplyGOOK » 28 Oct 2005, 02:07

Just wondering.... what is the standard cost that a school may charge a teacher for attaining a work permit and ARC? I know that the larger institutes in Taiwan supply this free of charge, but if they do stick you with a fee, how much is it? I don't know if it's relevant, but I'm Canadian.

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Postby Limey » 28 Oct 2005, 09:45

The only things you should have to pay for are your medical and ARC. It is about $600NT for the medical and $1,000NT for the ARC. Obviously, you need to pay for photos too. Your school should not take any money from you.

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Postby Dr Zoidberg » 28 Oct 2005, 12:01

The cost of the medical varies from hospital to hospital according to I paid $1000 NT for it at Jiayi Christian Hospital.
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