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One ARC, two schools. Legal or not?

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Postby bobepine » 11 Nov 2005, 00:01

I asked the other teacher at my school if he got his ARC yet and his answer was "looks like I'm going to Hong-Kong".

I asked him again today... He was a little embarrassed to talk about it at first...His visa ran out last week. He's been in the country illegally and working for that school(again today from 2pm to 9pm)while his visa expired a week ago. The school never processed his ARC. The boss is telling him he'll pay for the visa trip...But he hasn't booked a flight yet and the said teacher isn't sure when and how he's supposed to accomplish this visa trip. Problem is, whenever he does leave, he's not coming back. Customs will not let him re-enter Taiwan and that's that.

The boss told him he would get him an extension on his visa and he even offered to take care of it for him. The boss already had his passport anyways since the said teacher was supposedly waiting for his ARC to be processed. The boss also said he would help him take care of his over-stay problem...

Did I mention I'm glad I decided to get sponsored by another school?...

Anyways, the said teacher/ my co-worker, trusting as he is at 24 years old and naive only asked the boss this week about his visa issue. The boss claimed that he misread the dates on the visa so he never actually went to foreign affairs, hence buddy is over-staying his visa.

Worse, I fear the boss will try to tell him that any costs will be reimbursed upon return(visa trip) knowing very well that the said teacher isn't coming back...He's not going on a visa trip, he's going home...

I explained to him that he should make arrangements before leaving Taiwan...But there may be a better solution to all this...I am in contact with him and I sent ML Mclean's contacts to him. You should expect him to contact you soon.

In my case, It's not so bad all things considered, it obviously could be worse... I said in my last post that the boss reluctantly signed my formal resignation letter. He did sign it but he changed the date. I gave him a 30 days notice and he refused to sign it. I then told him that I would have to use a different approach to this problem and he reached for a pen changed the date to November 10th and said"Why don't you just finish the week." I agreed.

I do not work Fridays so I'm officially not working there anymore, I taught my last class today.

The boss wasn't answering his phone today and he got his Chinese teacher to pay me my salary up to date right away. On my pay I was charged 6% tax. I asked why and she said the boss asked her to tell me that he would reimburse me the 4% difference on my previous pays so I wouldn't have to worry about going to the tax office about my earnings...I asked her with a smile"is he the government?" She smiled back. I then asked "where is the legal receipt?" Again she said "the boss asked me to tell you that you will get your receipts from all your pays next Monday." I refused to take the money and told her to tell the boss I wouldn't take any more money without a formal receipt.

To be continued...

Any advices would be appreciated.

Presidential Advisor (zǒng tǒng gù wèn)
Presidential Advisor (zǒng tǒng gù wèn)
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