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Having problems with the 300 Million agencies you have togo?

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Having problems with the 300 Million agencies you have togo?

Postby mr_boogie » 20 Dec 2005, 19:04

Ok peeps, here is the info that everyone should have had before and no one ever knew - There is a legislator in charge of foreign affairs who has a lot of assistants ready to help those who have legal problems with the incredible number of agencies you have to go to, and the incredible number of different answers you get from them.
This is not for the people who have other kind of problems, but for those who are legally and unjustifiedly being held by these agencies.
She is a legislator from the DPP, called Bi-khim Hsiao and has several agencies around taipei to help those who need - more info here

Again, this is for people who have serious problems with the officers at BOCA or CLA.
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