Where are the best places to apply in Taichung?

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Where are the best places to apply in Taichung?

Postby Whole Lotta Lotta » 05 Feb 2007, 02:20

Hello! I am an English teacher who has been living in Taipei the whole time he has been here. I love Taiwan and am learning Chinese, but am burning out on Taipei a little bit :braveheart: . I have been to Taichung on many occassions and have always had a good experience. I was wondering if anybody could tell me about the best places to apply for positions in Taichung :grandpa: . Where are they? :s What do they pay? Do they offer any help in finding accomodation? Any help in getting a scooter? etc. :wink:
Any help people could give me would be very welcome. I am going to go down to Taichung this month and just apply for positions. :lol:
I would appreciate any thoughts people may have! :thanks:
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