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sport bike like FZR, or trusty old KTR? Thoughts?

Welcome to the forum for all things related to the internal combustion engine and or driving in Taiwan. Topics including (but not limited to) drivers' licenses, vehicular issues, what to do in traffic accidents, driving in Taiwan, good mechanics, etc. are all excellent candidates for this forum.

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Re: sport bike like FZR, or trusty old KTR? Thoughts?

Postby maunaloa » 01 Jul 2012, 02:57

Three words that will change your life, or at least eliminate monkey butt: AIRHAWK SEAT CUSHION
Amazon has the best selection.
Martyr's Shrine Guard (zhōngliècí wèibīng)
Martyr's Shrine Guard (zhōngliècí wèibīng)
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Re: sport bike like FZR, or trusty old KTR? Thoughts?

Postby shawn_c » 01 Jul 2012, 14:46

Rennes wrote:Do you recommend me replacing the seat?

I've heard in Taiwan that is actually really cheap. I don't know where I would go or how to look for one though.

If you ever pass a shop with a tonne of old scooter seat cushions piled at the entrance... you know you've found a place to exchange your seat cushion.

Here is a place in Gongguan:

See the piles of skinless seat cushions? That's the place... just go there and ask! A standard seat replacement is only $700 or something... custom is more expensive, of course. (With standard replacement, they just swap out your entire thing with a pre-made one, if you have a popular seat cushion).
Taiwan is known locally as "Ghost Island" to some.
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Scooter Commuter (qí jī chē shàng xià bān)
Scooter Commuter (qí jī chē shàng xià bān)
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Re: sport bike like FZR, or trusty old KTR? Thoughts?

Postby Motoblues1957 » 28 Oct 2012, 05:35

Hello everyone!!

I'm from the US and I am investigating a 2009 Honda Hornet 250. I have a few questions and I hope you can help answer then:

1. Are the Honda Hornets imported to Taiwan via Honda Motors or the Grey market?
2. Do the model meet the current Taiwan emission specification? Taiwan emission standards, as I understand them, are more stringent than Japan and the US.
3. If they are Grey market bikes, how are you able to import, register and ride them?
4. Recommendations for grey market exporters to the US?
5. Can you provide, if you have the information, the mission performance standards for the Japan Hornet models?

Any help would be appreciated!!

Thanks. Kris Benson (Delaware, USA)
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
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