DUI police roadblocks in Taipei

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Re: DUI police roadblocks in Taipei

Postby tommy525 » 26 Apr 2012, 15:58

John wrote:Roadblocks in Keelung (Jilong) city involve lots of cops with machine guns, they usually seem to have them on Friday and Saturday evenings.

I am not sure if they are for DUY, they might be looking for criminals/illegal immigrants (maybe because we are a port city), but I am still not sure who they are looking for.

I've never been stopped, and I have never seen anyone else get stopped either, they just look in the windows as we drive past slowly.

3am one summer night at Wanli. Stopped by cops at a roadblock. Had just gotten one of those "gangster perms" . One cop aimed his M16 right at my head. They were looking into the cars and watching out for guys with bad perms I would guess? :cool:
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Re: DUI police roadblocks in Taipei

Postby r2bling2 » 30 Apr 2012, 09:50

I used to freak out at first when encountering roadblocks. Being from the South and black, it just brought back all sorts of lovely memories. The first time I went through one here, I tried not to make any sudden movements, kept both hands on the wheel and tried not to piss my pants. When I let down the window, the cops just said "Thank you, bye bye." and let me drive off. I kept looking in the rearview expecting to be followed. Did my head in. :eek:

I go through them 3 times a week coming home from djing and they always say the same thing. :cool:
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Re: DUI police roadblocks in Taipei

Postby tango42 » 30 Apr 2012, 09:59

I sat in a coffee shop one night for three hours late one Friday night next to a roadblock in Taipei City. They did not actually stop anyone except to ask if they had been drinking and it appeared to be mostly for effect.
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Re: DUI police roadblocks in Taipei

Postby Mr He » 30 Apr 2012, 11:39

They did them in Taoyuan county a frew years back - spoke to me in English, and asked if I had been drinking. Up to 4 roadblocks one night.
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