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Scoot Dies when 'warming up'-wth?

Welcome to the forum for all things related to the internal combustion engine and or driving in Taiwan. Topics including (but not limited to) drivers' licenses, vehicular issues, what to do in traffic accidents, driving in Taiwan, good mechanics, etc. are all excellent candidates for this forum.

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Scoot Dies when 'warming up'-wth?

Postby Confuzius » 03 May 2012, 01:28

So my scooter runs fine, no problems....except this one.

So when I start 'er up (which usually goes just fine) she may die RIGHT away before I start moving if I do not give her gas.

Now, within the, lets say first 5 mins or so of driving, if I come to a stop sign, light or even a turn where I have to slow down or stop, she may die again. The other day, she made a loud POP sound when she died (sometimes its a very quiet pop sound, sometimes no pop sound).

After she's been running for around 10 mins or so though, no problem, she don't die no matter what (well, unless I am going really fast....then need to stop abruptly at a light....she may die after stopping...but starts right up again, but usually she doesnt...I can tell when she will...just sorta feel it kinda choking or something).

What could this be? Should I worry about it? Big deal or not? THANKS!
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Re: Scoot Dies when 'warming up'-wth?

Postby tcarnagan » 03 May 2012, 12:55

Started having a similar problem a couple weeks ago, which was attributed to the change in weather. My scooter guy adjusted the flow of gas to the carb and all is well now, so might give that a try. And I would say it is a 'big deal' because it could be dangerous to have your scooter cutting out at stop lights (like the start of the Indy500) and should be as easy as your mechanic adjusting the gas. Let me know if that does the trick.
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