Sinopec Pumps 45L Into 35L Gas Tank

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Sinopec Pumps 45L Into 35L Gas Tank

Postby Dog's_Breakfast » 11 May 2012, 12:54

OK, this was mainland China, and it was a year ago. Still, I nearly fell out of my chair when I read this:

Sinopec Gas Station Pumps 45L Into 35L Gas Tank, Says Normal

A Sinopec gas station in Suzhou city of Anhui province pumped 45 liters of gas into a 35 liter gas tank
Real person real story, yellow plate-less [Chery] QQ, 0.8 L displacement, dealer and manufacturer confirm gas tank is indeed 35 liters.

May 4th, filling up gas. The car still had a little fuel, but the pump kept going until it reached 335 kuai [RMB]. Surprised, thought gas prices have increased to 10 kuai [per liter], because in the past it was always a 200-some kuai.

This car owner is from Suzhou, and hasn’t driven the car out of the gas station after filling up, and instead has been seeking an explanation from the gas station, but there hasn’t been a reasonable explanation up to today. On the afternoon of May 5th, Sinopec brought the people from Bureau of Quality Inspection, as well as from television news. The Bureau of Quality Inspection checked that gas pump and then surprising said there was nothing wrong with it! So a gas tank can suddenly become 10 liters larger out of thin air?


The web site, Chinasmack, is good for all kinds of stuff like this. Another example:

Shenzhen Woman’s Ultrasound Says Her Prostate Is Normal
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