Tips on buying a new scooter

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Tips on buying a new scooter

Postby BlackAdder » 25 Jun 2012, 22:47

Hi all, wondering if anyone here has experience buying a new scooter? I’m thinking of buying from somewhere like Carrefour or RT Mart.

Anyone got any tips on things I should be aware of? For example:

1. What are those serial numbers that people get imprinted all over their scooter? Is that standard, or does it cost extra? I guess it's some kind of anti-theft thing??
2. Should I look for (and are there any) insurance policies that cover theft? Mine will be parked on the street.
3. I assume new scooters come with some sort of warranty? What's normal?

Any other tips on buying a new scooter ??? :notworthy:

BTW, I’m looking at the 'SYM GR125 limited'. Not looking for anything flash or too nickable. Any advice appreciated.
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Re: Tips on buying a new scooter

Postby navillus » 25 Jun 2012, 23:15

No answers, sorry, only more questions.

What are the pros/cons of buying a new scooter at places like Carrefour as opposed to a small scooter shop. Do the prices differ a lot? What about servicing the scooter? And if there are any minor problems will the chain stores be able to see to them?
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Re: Tips on buying a new scooter

Postby Tiger Mountaineer » 26 Jun 2012, 00:51

Any other tips on buying a new scooter ??? :notworthy:

Don't buy a new scooter. No seriously, just don't. Why flush 60k+ on something you can get for 15-20? There really are not many advantages to new in the realm of scooters. Worried about reliability? Well, the fact that it won't break down too soon is hardly a big bonus because the most expensive repair (blown cylinder) on a scooter is under 10k. Besides, it will get scratched to shit the minute you park in public. And you sound worried about theft, so there's another reason to buy used. No need to spray paint squiggles all over that shit like A-Bei. :bow:
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Tiger Mountaineer
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Re: Tips on buying a new scooter

Postby monokuro » 26 Jun 2012, 08:37

Can't help about the buying new bit, but I'll add to Tiger's post - if the scooter you are looking at has loads of plastic panels like mine (I've got a Fighter) - you can replace all of them for about 3000nt anyway and have it look brand new again :)
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Re: Tips on buying a new scooter

Postby johnledoe » 04 Jul 2012, 12:18

1. Those serial numbers are to link those parts to you and your scooter registration. You can get it done at the police station. Most scooter thefts are for parts and plastic, so having those serial numbers all over the body helps prevent theft in its' own way.
2. Yes, you can look for theft insurance, but when I bought my new scooter, it didn't even cover a third of the cost. Also I noticed that the theft coverage went down, so in the first 3 months it was at less than a third, and upto the end of the year it was about 10%.
To me, it's not worth it. Just get a good disk brake lock if you are that worried about it. It will at least make you take your keys out of the ignition, if the lock key is on the same key-chain as the ignition key. (Leaving the keys in the ignition is easy to do and
probably the most common cause of bike thefts.)
3. Warranty is usually 3 years for the engine and 1 year for everything else.
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Re: Tips on buying a new scooter

Postby brohandy » 06 Jul 2012, 07:29

Are you wanting a scooter over a motorcycle because they're cheaper and more available where you are?
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