buy Taiwanese cars for export

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buy Taiwanese cars for export

Postby alvinnis » 12 Jul 2012, 00:07

am interested in buying taiwanese cars for export. does anyone has idea of where to find good and cheap cars ? pls let me know George
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Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
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Re: buy Taiwanese cars for export

Postby antarcticbeech » 12 Jul 2012, 00:12

How did you know my name was George? :ponder:
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Re: buy Taiwanese cars for export

Postby Ducked » 12 Jul 2012, 09:09

We reach for the sky. Neither does civilisation.

(Incidentally, if the search button is your friend, you must have some bloody useless, dysfunctional friends)
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Re: buy Taiwanese cars for export

Postby sulavaca » 12 Jul 2012, 14:05

Ducked wrote:Japan

Of course if you need a left hand drive car though, then it depends on what budget and type as we'll as where you are sending it as to whether you can get a good deal in Taiwan.
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