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Other English speakers living in Zhongli?

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Other English speakers living in Zhongli?

Postby Usagirala » 12 Dec 2011, 20:53


My husband and I just moved to Zhongli and although it's great staying at home or going long distance to meet friends, I'd love to make some friends that live in this city. I'd especially love grabbing a drink once in a while and talking/bitching about life, etc.

By the way, I am 28 and originally from Canada (the far north) plus I think I could talk about just about anything.

So yeah, write me if you're up for that :cool:

Re: Other English speakers living in Zhongli?

Postby bismarck » 23 Dec 2011, 14:24

Not sure why this was originally posted in Fun and Games, but I've moved it here.
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Re: Other English speakers living in Zhongli?

Postby TainanCowboy » 23 Dec 2011, 15:24

Where is Zhongli/Zhongli?

Just curious.....:idunno:
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Re: Other English speakers living in Zhongli?

Postby Chris » 23 Dec 2011, 15:36

I know of a Zhongli, but not any place that has a J next to an H :eek: ... shudder...
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Re: Other English speakers living in Zhongli?

Postby Usagirala » 11 May 2012, 20:17

Thanks for the kind replies everyone :) :roflmao:

btw, here is a site that tells all about Zhongli ... px?sid=320 (I mean the one that has a J next to an H) :discodance: :whistle:

Re: Other English speakers living in Zhongli?

Postby basketballpro032 » 01 Oct 2013, 11:23

I will be back in the Zhongli/Zhongli are in January for an entire year as an exchange student at CYCU.
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Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
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Re: Other English speakers living in Zhongli?

Postby ralf1970 » 01 Oct 2013, 15:38

I live and work in Zhongli City :thumbsup:

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Re: Other English speakers living in Zhongli?

Postby williamchung7 » 03 Oct 2013, 13:15

I live in Taoyuan City and I am native.
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