Blood Type on Profile, What Does It Mean?

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Blood Type on Profile, What Does It Mean?

Postby tango42 » 26 Apr 2012, 12:31

Noticing blood type listing on Facebook and other profiles.

Seems an indicator (in Taiwan but also other countries and cultures) that:
- I am single.
- (I am probably a female).
- I am looking for a partner.
- I am looking for a compatible parter.
- I am superstitious either a little or a lot, or my family and friends are superstitious, but it is definitely something I consider in some form or factor when looking for a potential partner.
- Your blood type is a predictor of who you are and your personality and how a future would be together... i.e., what is our compatibility index, is it acceptable to me, and is it acceptable to my family, and is it acceptable to my friends who believe in these things.
- Debatable and maybe not an accurate observation: {I am getting a little desperate for a partner, so am exhausting my efforts to find a partner by looking at blood types or any other indicator of finding a partner}
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Re: Blood Type on Profile, What Does It Mean?

Postby creztor » 26 Apr 2012, 13:15

It means you are human.
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Re: Blood Type on Profile, What Does It Mean?

Postby Belgian Pie » 26 Apr 2012, 13:20

It means that the other party is 'hands-off' due to being superstitious or even psycho ... a flag, a red light :D :ohreally:
Belgian Pie
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Re: Blood Type on Profile, What Does It Mean?

Postby urodacus » 26 Apr 2012, 13:27

It's like your star sign.

Actually, no. It's there so that if you stumble across another superking troll and sever a metaphorical artery (assuming you've got a heart), then haemorrhage badly and bleed out online, we know what to pump you full of to get your Forumosa persona back up to its normal snarky self.
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Re: Blood Type on Profile, What Does It Mean?

Postby tom1807 » 28 Apr 2012, 17:38

From what I know, it started with Facebook Japan. ... lood-type/
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