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Postby Taiwan_Student » 15 Jun 2012, 10:27

tomthorne wrote:I had a lovely surprise driving back from work today. Usually I turn the car radio off when I arrive in the morning to remove any risk of hearing either of the ABC equivalents of Smashy and Nicey when I leave work. I completely forgot this morning but Vicky was standing in for Joseph's afternoon slot, so I got to listen to her dulcet tones and excellent taste in music :thumbsup: .

Terry and Vicky every morning will be fantastic. Not only are they really entertaining DJs, they also play good songs. The management at ICRT need to be reminded about this because from 3pm to whenever Stevie and Joseph finish it seem to be forgotten. This is what you hear on pretty much a loop in the afternoon:

"It's 3:50 on the clock and here's Air Supply comin' at ya! Stay tuned for our sloppy luuuuurrrrve song hour straight after We Love Hakka."

VIcky and Terry are pretty good. I like Terry's sense of humor and I do like his choice of older songs.

But, I'm a news Junkie and I used to use ICRT for practical information. I used to use it to purchase products, stay on top of rule changes, advice during bad weather or other emergencies. Now, even the adverts such as Western bands, music reviews and children's stage shows seem to be only advertised in Chinese!

I had to ask my wife when the Disney Show was coming to Kaohsiung! They could have at least mentioned a quick English Summary if they don't want to do an all English commercial.
I basically listen to ICRT for that live voice to tell me all is well with the world when I'm out and about. At home, I listen to my favorite radio station back home or the BBC.
Who knows, when 3-G comes down in price, I will just listen to the BBC while driving in my car. I bet, if Taiwan were to be invaded, the BEEB would probably announce the story first before ICRT. We'd have to wait for the Hakka lesson to finish.
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Wild Chicken Bus Driver (yě jī chē sī jī)
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