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Moldy matresses

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Moldy matresses

Postby KPSeventy » 12 May 2012, 08:58

Big problem; likely due to the recent humid weather, both the mattresses in my rented apartment have developed a strong musty/moldy smell. Sheets placed on them quickly take on the same odor, pillows get similarly 'infected'. Pretty bad. At this point they certainly aren't safe to sleep on, and I've removed both mattresses to a spare room.

I've tried airing them out with fans, getting them in the sun, but with no success. I obviously need to talk to my landlord about this, but I'm not sure what approach to take. My apartment isn't exactly high-end, and I highly doubt he'll be willing to buy new mattresses. I also suspect I will meet resistance requesting they be removed and disposed of, which is what needs to be done at this point. I've only got three months left on the agreement for this place, but would rather avoid the hassle of moving out early. Place was sold as furnished, so in a sense I feel entitled to a clean mattress.

Any suggestions on how I should approach the landlord?
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Re: Moldy matresses

Postby touduke » 12 May 2012, 09:43

my 2 cents
step1: throw them away (if you don't know how - ask the doorman about it)
step2: buy a new mattress you like (spend about 2-3000) enjoy!
step3: leave the mattress in the place when you leave
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Scooter Commuter (qí jī chē shàng xià bān)
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Re: Moldy matresses

Postby Mucha Man » 12 May 2012, 11:23

Ask your landlord. He may surprise you.

If he won't buy a new one I suggest just putting it outside and sleeping on mats for the next few months. Not as comfortable but better for your health.

Disposing of the mattress is easy. Just call the EPA and they will come pick it up.
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Re: Moldy matresses

Postby tommy525 » 12 May 2012, 12:55

moldy mattress? YUK< Chuck and solve the mold problem . Use a dehumidifier or keep windows open or something to control the mold.

Mold is a constant problem in always wet north Taiwan.
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