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Shocking Taiwanese T-shirts

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Shocking Taiwanese T-shirts

Postby jdsmith » 17 Aug 2005, 22:50

I saw a girl in 7-11 last night with this on her shirt in English:

"His penis was as hard as a sword."

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Postby redwagon » 17 Aug 2005, 22:59

Reminds me of the fishwife I saw with the t-shirt, "Fuck me, whip me, beat me, come on me like the dirty slut I am, and then get the fuck out!"

Or, the demure looking housewife with a shirt that read, "A woman needs four kinds of animal in the house. A Jaguar in the garage, a mink in the closet, a tiger in the bedroom, and a jackass to pay for everything."


Would you buy and wear a shirt with writing on it in a language you couldn't understand and had no idea what it meant?
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Thinking of Staging a Coup (xiǎng yào gǎo zhèng biàn)
Thinking of Staging a Coup (xiǎng yào gǎo zhèng biàn)
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Postby xtrain » 17 Aug 2005, 23:03

my first year university student yesterday wore:

"i wish my boyfriend was as dirty as his motorcycle."

good chance to explain double entendre ...
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Mandarin Marvel (Guóyǔ gāoshǒu)
Mandarin Marvel (Guóyǔ gāoshǒu)
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Postby j99l88e77 » 17 Aug 2005, 23:40

Saw a Taiwanese show with a woman wearing one that said, "Stop looking at my tits you creep." On TV.

Have an elementary class in Korea and this 12-year old girl wears a shirt with a moose on it saying something to the effect of being horny. Hard for me to comment on that one or bring it up at school.
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I'm posting like Shakespeare (1564~1616)
I'm posting like Shakespeare (1564~1616)
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Postby Matchstick_man » 17 Aug 2005, 23:56

Crossover thread below. ... rts#184339

I saw an old Taiwanese woman wearing a T-shirt with Spread Me written on it. It had a picture of bread about to be buttered but still....
I saw a young girl wearing a T-shirt that said "No parking except for Dad".

I found it more shocking when I saw someone casually wearing a bright T-shirt listing local (in this case Why and a 1/2) shop specials written in correct English on the front and on the back.
Time to Marry a Local (gāi qǔ tái wān lǎo pó jià tái wān lǎo gōng liǎo)
Time to Marry a Local (gāi qǔ tái wān lǎo pó jià tái wān lǎo gōng liǎo)
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Postby Tempo Gain » 18 Aug 2005, 00:13

shy little 11yo in my english class--why should i die because you didn't want to use a condom

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Tempo Gain
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Postby t.ukyo » 18 Aug 2005, 03:50

A girl with "Spread Beaver - showing the vaginal area"

I was laughing so hard.
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Shoe-wielding Legislator (huīwǔ xiézi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
Shoe-wielding Legislator (huīwǔ xiézi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
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Re: Shocking Taiwanese T-shirts

Postby bob » 18 Aug 2005, 03:54

jdsmith wrote: "His penis was as hard as a sword."

And twice as pointy!
Golden Lotus (huángjīn liánhuā)
Golden Lotus (huángjīn liánhuā)
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Postby Grasshopper » 18 Aug 2005, 07:48

my favorite...."how babies that were raped, asked for it?"

that's gotta be the sickest one by far
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Scooter Commuter (qí jī chē shàng xià bān)
Scooter Commuter (qí jī chē shàng xià bān)
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Postby Flicka » 18 Aug 2005, 07:59

It is nice to know it is not just me. I've seen a middle-aged woman with a "Fart Machine" t-shirt on, and just the other day an old man with a cane, wearing a "Dead Head" shirt, featuring two Grateful-Dead-ish skeletons engaging in oral sex.
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Wild Chicken Bus Driver (yě jī chē sī jī)
Wild Chicken Bus Driver (yě jī chē sī jī)
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