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How much money did you arrive with?

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Re: How much money did you arrive with?

Postby kage » 02 Jun 2010, 06:46

Same thing happened to me. A bank in Vancouver sold me some old currency that I tried to use at a grocery store my first night here. My Taiwanese contact (the brother of my LE) seemed a bit embarrassed (as was I - at first I thought maybe I had purchased counterfeit money). He exchanged my money on the spot, telling me he would take it to Bank of Taiwan (which would have been beyond me as well at that time). I remember being surprised he carried that much cash on him. Now, I see it is commonplace.
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Betelnut Beauty (bīnglang Xī Shī)
Betelnut Beauty (bīnglang Xī Shī)
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Re: How much money did you arrive with?

Postby Belgian Pie » 02 Jun 2010, 09:22

MJB wrote:I came with about 20kUSD, no idea that a teaching market here even existed, and a plan to stay for one year...

In 1986.

in your belt and socks ...?
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Belgian Pie
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Re: How much money did you arrive with?

Postby Durins Bane » 02 Jun 2010, 10:39

Shimokitazawa wrote:
Durins Bane wrote:I had fifty USD in my pocket. I was so broke.....I taped a sign to the back of my shirt stating "English classes $400NT per hour" and rode up and down the escalator at the department stores. Taught in the park.

How many years ago would that have been?



Tomas: with no wife and kids I would most happily step back to when I had my material items loaded on my back. Life was good then......
Guns don't kill people...magic missles do.

My first level orc is smarter than your honor student.
Durins Bane
Generalissimo (dàyuánshuài)
Generalissimo (dàyuánshuài)
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Re: How much money did you arrive with?

Postby TheGingerMan » 02 Jun 2010, 12:33

Shimokitazawa wrote:
Brendon wrote:I arrived with about US$1500 in local currency, which I bought at Heathrow in London. The first time I tried to buy a drink at 7-11, I found out they had (unknowingly) sold me old currency and that it was all useless until I could change it at a particular bank -- which was way beyond me at the time.

So I starved for a month. It was fun!

that would have been a great time to read Knut Hamsen's Hunger

Any time is a great time to read Hamsun.
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"It shall rain for forty days and forty nights, until your vile odour is cleansed."
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Bureaucrat of the Underworld (cóng dìyù lái de guānliáo)
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Re: How much money did you arrive with?

Postby Tazzie » 14 Jun 2010, 00:38

Just about flat broke. And broke is broke, wherever you are. Had to wait several months for my $18,000/month salary to clear the bureaucracy. It really sucked. Really. Sucked.
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Shoe-wielding Legislator (huīwǔ xiézi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
Shoe-wielding Legislator (huīwǔ xiézi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
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Re: How much money did you arrive with?

Postby Buttercup » 16 Jun 2010, 22:03

'Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof'

Before you lovingly craft your PM, make like any writer and consider your audience. With all the information at your disposal, is there any possibility that the recipient will open it? Would your time be better employed?
Maitreya Buddha (Mílèfó)
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Re: How much money did you arrive with?

Postby zender » 16 Jun 2010, 22:24

Welcome back, Buttercup!

I had US$500, but I also had a good friend to stay with for the first week.

In the past, there was so much work that you didn't have to look long if you were the least bit presentable.
Overpaid Foreign Athlete (duō fù xīn shuǐ guò gāo de wài jí yùn dòng yuán)
Overpaid Foreign Athlete (duō fù xīn shuǐ guò gāo de wài jí yùn dòng yuán)
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Re: How much money did you arrive with?

Postby Fortigurn » 18 Jun 2010, 14:10

My wife and I came with NT$24,000 in 2004. Found an apartment on day 2, job on day 3, first three months were a little gritty all the same due to monthly visa runs while the school and immigration argued about ARC regulations (which changed while I was in the process of applying). We were down to NT$200 at one point, with two days to go to payday.
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Former City Mayor (qiánrèn shìzhǎng)
Former City Mayor (qiánrèn shìzhǎng)
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Re: How much money did you arrive with?

Postby tommy525 » 18 Jun 2010, 14:15

LIfe on the edge. Just goes to show your level of COMMITMENT.

And it takes just that sometimes. To go whole hog for it.
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Guan Yin (Guānyīn)
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Re: How much money did you arrive with?

Postby bismarck » 19 Jun 2010, 06:59

tommy525 wrote:LIfe on the edge. Just goes to show your level of COMMITMENT.

And it takes just that sometimes. To go whole hog for it.

So.... Show some commitment. What's that they say in the US? Show up or...?

Still waiting, T-Man.... :whistle:

Buttercup wrote:£7000.

With seven thousand pounds I could have started a dynasty!
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