Advantages of being an ABC in taiwan

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Welcome to the Overseas Taiwanese Subforum. We hope this is a place where you can post your cross-cultural, east meets west upbringing, Tiger Mama/Dragon Baba issues. We understand that you look full on local on the outside, but have issues that pertain to growing up in a non-Taiwanese, non-Chinese environment. Confucian obligations and expectations probably apply to you, familial pressure to conform to traditions, etc. We know the drill. So come on in, get some things off your chest, and hopefully you will gain perspective from others who have been there and are going through the same. For other questions and discussions (in particular legal, passport and residency issues,) please continue to post in the relevant forums. Let's keep this for culturally sensitive topics. Thank you very much, and happy posting.

Re: Advantages of being an ABC in taiwan

Postby Deuce Dropper » 10 Aug 2012, 02:09

ztephen wrote:I know not a lot of ABCs on the forum, but what have you seen as social, economical, ect. advantages of being an ABC in Taiwan?

Disadvantages of ABC vs being white or real taiwanese

ABC, you look Asian yet you apply more logic to everyday situations. This makes you valuable with foreign companies, but makes you less valuable with local ones (unless they are export based) because you don't comprehend all the little idiosyncrasies that go with 5000 years of judging each other.
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