Foreigner's Trap Apartment

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Foreigner's Trap Apartment

Postby spyfire27 » 08 Jul 2012, 03:19

I already posted several comments on this board regarding the different issues I am having with my Taiwanese landlord and roommate (which turns out to be her nephew), and everybody suggested me to leave this place. I really don't like the idea of moving and have her steal my two-month deposit after all the trouble she caused me, and finding another apartment for only three months is a pain in the ass here. I am getting burned out by lack of sleep and that is exactly what they want to achieve. How can some people be so cruel, I can't believe that. I pay my rent on time, I am very quiet, etc, I am still bullied by these two people.

Can I post the address of this haunted apartment with pictures to prevent other naive foreigners to fall into this trap? Can I file a complain somewhere? I am guessing not, but...
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