Q about scooter parking

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Re: Q about scooter parking

Postby finley » 06 May 2011, 16:54

Yeah, I thought of attempting to clone the remaining one, but usually they have a rolling code encryption. I already asked them if I can just buy another key. Basically, it's a scam to make sure if you have two scooters, you buy two spaces - which is daft, because there aren't enough spaces for everyone. Which is why people (not just me) put two scooters in one box.

The sensible thing would be for them to re-draw narrower scooter boxes and rent them at a somewhat lower price ... thus making more money while keeping everyone happy. But 'sensible' and 'petty bureaucrat' usually don't appear in the same sentence.

I think the passive-aggressive approach (bothering the security guard) might be the simplest option. Failing that I can always slide the scooter under the barrier...
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Re: Q about scooter parking

Postby urodacus » 06 May 2011, 19:48

Aah, you have a boom gate kind of thing? just saw the last meter off.
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