''Taiwan girls are easy''

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''Taiwan girls are easy''

Postby Bubba 2 Guns » 23 Sep 2011, 05:12

TheGingerMan wrote:It's well about time that Luxy and other trashy venues got thrashed in the gutter press. As a father of a Taiwanese girl, I take great umbrage at many foreign wankers that think they have landed in Thailand by mistake, and expect to compensate.
Pity the fool that shows up on my porch, expecting a quick in and out.
Daddy shoots from both barrels, so better step around.
Mind you, I trust my daughter enough already to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Right wing?
Maybe so, the older I get, the more selective.
As such, any means to keep those blue-eyed red haired barbarians away from the fruits of our precious bodily fluids is awroight in my ledger. Heath, notwithstanding.

Dude how did you get a hold of a shotgun-I want one. No fuckin' way- do you have your own re-loader and shit.

Total crap. Dreamed up by bored middle-aged men farting into swivel chairs in dimly lit offices-who will NEVER not even from a catholic priest ever, ever get laid without paying for sex.

This stuff has been around since the Vietnam War-The FOREIGNERS-are raping our easily wooed daughters. Godzilla with a big foreign hot dog.
""It occurred to me, the basis of fiction, is that people have some sort of connection with each other that they don't" -Richard Harrow
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Bubba 2 Guns
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Re: ''Taiwan girls are easy''

Postby Baas Babelaas » 23 Sep 2011, 08:04

I snogged my then girlfriend in the taxi on the way home from a restaurant a few years back - nothing wrong with that (we did stay vertical). I wouldn't do it now as I'm in my 30s and don't have that kind of animal lust anymore :neutral:

Last night I was having a chinwag with the taxi driver on the way home (by myself) and he remarked that girls this side are curious about the fact that us waiguoren have bigger 'dongs' as he put it. I made it clear I'd never investigated the size of local 'dongs'.

We had a good chuckle though :)
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Baas Babelaas
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Re: ''Taiwan girls are easy''

Postby baberenglish » 23 Sep 2011, 08:22

Remember boys what mommy said about how you should treat women.
"Picture someone doing that to your sister."
"Do you think I was born yesterday?"
"Back in the 60s, I was quite the charmer"(gross-mothers don't do that.)
Shotgun is a bit harsh. Salt pellets always drives the point home. Lacking those on the rock? A good pair of vice grips to the balls will be a long lasting memory.
But then again, who hasn't fucked around in a cab ripped up on something when you were twenty something?
Live and learn. To be young again. Wait until marriage and family. Get it out of you when you still can. That's the fun of life.
A point regarding the media story-why don't they ever do a piece on the local buying some chick out from the jiudian? Oh right, that's called a politician and they already get enough coverage during the day.
Racist, jealous, call it whatever you want, it will always be there in the media. Watch out for cameras, everyone has them now!
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Re: ''Taiwan girls are easy''

Postby citizen k » 23 Sep 2011, 08:45

baberenglish wrote:"Picture someone doing that to your sister."

I highly doubt any of our sisters ever went down on a guy in the bog at 99.... :lol:
citizen k
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Re: ''Taiwan girls are easy''

Postby Okami » 23 Sep 2011, 16:01

I actually thought it was done quite well. The racist crap has definitely improved in quality. They even had everything set up. I imagine it was all set up with the cabs, the customers and Apple Daily.

Just normal fabricated journalism, newspapers do it all the time.
Professor Walter Williams has remarked that he’s glad he went to college “before it became fashionable for white people to like black people.”
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Re: ''Taiwan girls are easy''

Postby Bu Lai En » 24 Sep 2011, 21:46

What I liked was how the taxi driver has the hidden camera in his cab where the foreigner says take us to a hotel, but then there is a camera set up and waiting for them to get out of the cab when they arrive :)
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Bu Lai En
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Re: ''Taiwan girls are easy''

Postby tsukinodeynatsu » 25 Sep 2011, 20:36

Bu Lai En wrote:What I liked was how the taxi driver has the hidden camera in his cab where the foreigner says take us to a hotel, but then there is a camera set up and waiting for them to get out of the cab when they arrive :)

I thought that was someone following them in another car?
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Mandarin Marvel (Guóyǔ gāoshǒu)
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Re: ''Taiwan girls are easy''

Postby Zla'od » 28 Sep 2011, 20:53

So, who is this guy? Anybody know him? (Or her, for that matter.)

I am shocked, shocked that to learn that foreigners pick up Taiwanese women in bars and then take them to Love Motels, to do God knows what. Kudos to Apple Daily for this hard-hitting expose.
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Re: ''Taiwan girls are easy''

Postby steelersman » 02 Oct 2011, 23:25

the bear wrote:It's so obviously a set up....how else could they have a camera ready to film them getting in and getting out of the cab?

Good publicity for the brass monkey mind.

Now if we could just figure out how much they paid the girl to set this up or whether she did it for free. Maybe she volunteered to pick up a foreign guy.
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Wild Chicken Bus Driver (yě jī chē sī jī)
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''Taiwan girls are easy''

Postby zebigbos22 » 03 Oct 2011, 10:41

Apple Daily is trash anyways ..... and Taiwanese guys never go to Love Hotel and to clubs.....
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