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Archy and Mehitabel no Public Domain copies?

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Archy and Mehitabel no Public Domain copies?

Postby Taiwan_Student » 03 Jul 2012, 02:22

I've heard a few great poems buy Don Marquis from a collection called Archy and Mehitabel. These were read by a great story teller called Jean Shepard by the way. I'm surprised that I can find no ready to download collections. They were first in print in 1916 and as far as I know are selling strong. The cheapest e-book I have found is for the Kindle at 14.99. I can legally get the whole OZ collection for free that sold much more than Don Marquis. What gives... great copyright protection... Loyal fans...

By the way... if you like Jean Shepard, the radio humorist, I have his complete works from 1955 to all the tribute shows to him after he passed away as part of the Jean Shepard project. PM me...
Wild Chicken Bus Driver (yě jī chē sī jī)
Wild Chicken Bus Driver (yě jī chē sī jī)
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Re: Archy and Mehitabel no Public Domain copies?

Postby Charlie Jack » 14 Jul 2012, 01:43

I couldn't find a public domain book, but this archived site has a few archy and mehitabel poems: ... com/archy/

Also, on YouTube there appears to be a 1971 animated version of the musical Shinbone Alley, which is supposed to be based on archy and mehitabel:

Here are excerpts from an Australian production:

There may be a few other items on YouTube, e. g.:

Charlie Jack
Buxiban Laoban (bǔxíbān lǎobǎn)
Buxiban Laoban (bǔxíbān lǎobǎn)
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