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Hong Kong's favourite cartoon secretary

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Hong Kong's favourite cartoon secretary

Postby formosa » 17 Nov 2003, 18:51

Hong Kong's favourite cartoon secretary is
back...and funnier than
ever in her new book: by USA expat in HK named Larry Feign:

Maybe some of you who lived in HK before might enjoy the humor...


Follow Lily's latest adventures as she adapts to
life in post-handover
Hong Kong, American spy planes, the Beijing
Olympics, modern-day
Moses, shopping, evil cults, prison cuisine, more
shopping, Hong
Kong's living God, tutoring, polar bear bladders get the idea.
Hong Kong is still the craziest place on earth!

Wonder if there is a cartoonist like him in Taiwan yet? Japan has some, I hear, and Korea has a few. But LF seems to be the best of the lot.

agree? disagree?

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