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Postby iris » 08 Sep 2004, 12:02

[spoiler]Hm, Neo, no idea. What browser do you use? and which web address? The spoiler tags work fine for me[/spoiler]
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Postby Neo » 10 Sep 2004, 11:40

[spoiler]Nevermind, I got some help and now it's working. For a minute, I thought it was all a big deadpan joke that I had somehow missed![/spoiler]
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Postby goose egg » 16 May 2007, 08:11

Just added a new version of the Spoiler tag - these seem to work with the old code :)
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Postby Wookiee » 19 Jul 2007, 14:13

When posting about films, please type "SPOILERS" at the top of the text field (not in the subject field) if you are revealing plot details in a thread where the film in question (or rental DVD) has not been out long.

This is most important in the early stages of a thread when not everyone has had the opportunity to see the film. As the discussion matures, and the film has had its run here (or has been available to rent for a while), revealing spoilers will not be an issue and it will not be necessary to type SPOILERS at the top.

Please don't start two threads on the same movie (one with spoilers, one without) unless there is some particular reason to do so.

Let us extend this "spoiler alert" to include books.
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