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The Shield

Postby enzo+ » 13 Dec 2003, 21:36

Another award-winning US TV series is making it to Taiwan ... The Shield, starring Michael Chiklis as a brutal cop not above bending the law. The show has attracted critical raves and chased away advertisers in the States because of its realistic look at the LAPD.

AXN shows the first episode next Saturday, Dec. 20, at 8 pm.
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Postby Okami » 14 Dec 2003, 19:57

I absolutely love "The Shield." I was turned on to it by my friend, who is a cop himself. I have the entire 2nd season, but can't seem to get the first season. I'll be looking forward to watching it next Saturday, just to see how much they edit out as it's quite graphic and violent. I'm also interested in seeinghow close the translation is to the original.


PS My kingdom for the entire first season.
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Postby Walter » 21 Dec 2003, 18:02

I just happened to catch the last 10 minutes of the first episode. I saw every episode of the first 2 seasons when they first aired, and saw most of them again on reruns. I am glad it is here, even if I have seen them all. From what I saw, it did not seem to be edited, but I am not sure.


Postby Illah » 22 Dec 2003, 00:07

shield is one my favourite shows... I know season 1 is out on dvd in the usa... but this isnt hte usa... but its the best cop show ever
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