Mel Gibson: Drunken, Anti-Semitic A-Hole

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Re: Mel Gibson: Drunken, Anti-Semitic A-Hole

Postby Satellite TV » 17 Jul 2010, 10:28

cake wrote:I thought it was hilarious and obviously MG was set up.

I half expected Danny Glover to butt in shouting 'Riggs'.

Interested to hear what she sounds like when the tape isn't rolling.

She was with ex James Bond Timothy Dalton (and has a 12 year old son to him) before so if she claims she has no money I am a cloud.

Especially as it seems the tapes were doctored to begin with. Mel needs a talent agency? :loco: :roflmao: :roflmao:
It's such a pleasure living in a world where everyone is in such a hurry to be outraged over someone else’s trivial comments
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Re: Mel Gibson: Drunken, Anti-Semitic A-Hole

Postby Tempo Gain » 20 Jul 2010, 03:21

Ironically a rather lurid column, but some interesting contentions about Mel and the US culture wars

The Good News About Mel Gibson
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