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WCIF Final Fantasy 13 (XBox360) in English?

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WCIF Final Fantasy 13 (XBox360) in English?

Postby Reaperjim » 28 Jun 2010, 13:25

I have been looking online for an XBox 360 version of FF13 that has English on it and will run on an XBox bought in Taiwan. Does anyone know anything about this? If there isn't one, I would need to mod my XBox. Where would I do that? (It's warranty has expired)
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Newspaper Copyeditor (bàoshè biānjí)
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Re: Final Fantasy 13 (XBox360) in English

Postby jimipresley » 28 Jun 2010, 13:34

I don't think it's available on XBox360. I've only seen it for PS3. :cry:
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Re: WCIF Final Fantasy 13 (XBox360) in English?

Postby TheLostSwede » 28 Jun 2010, 17:14 might be worth a try
Won't work on anything but a US/European console though, so if you have a local console, then you're shit out of luck
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Generalissimo (dàyuánshuài)
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