Ten year old sensation Jackie Evancho.

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Ten year old sensation Jackie Evancho.

Postby tommy525 » 13 Aug 2010, 13:02

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/ar ... Boyle.html

New singing sensation , ten year old American girl Jackie Evancho. But Susan Boyle is probably pretty happy with her over 10 million pound royalty income already from her first album.

I still cant get over that voice from a ten year old girl? Her parents were really good teachers. She didnt learn that all by herself.
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Re: Ten year old sensation Jackie Evancho.

Postby irishstu » 13 Aug 2010, 13:40

Very impressive.
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Re: Ten year old sensation Jackie Evancho.

Postby divea » 13 Aug 2010, 13:58

She gave me goosebumps. Fantastic!
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