US Budget vs Taiwan Budget

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US Budget vs Taiwan Budget

Postby SillyWilly » 07 May 2012, 22:35

US$46,000 is roughly the median household income in the US so it's a good number to try and compare. The budget is for someone living in California. Mandatory federal/state taxes and entitlement programs equal about $1000 US, or 26% of gross income. That seems high for a median income! :loco:
Many families live on this amount. In fact, this works out to be about $11 per hour for 2 full-time workers or one worker pulling in $22 per hour. Here's the full budget:


Using an exchange rate of 29.5, the net take-home pay would equal NT$85,550. :discodance: That's on the high side for buxiban teachers. The real question is: How far can you stretch that NT$85,550 in Taiwan?
Can you buy more or less with it compared to the States, if you want the same standard of living?
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