Which Taiwanese debit cards offer free travel insurance?

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Which Taiwanese debit cards offer free travel insurance?

Postby Xenon » 24 May 2012, 08:34

Dear everybody,

I have been searching on this forum on travel insurance on debit cards but haven't found any threads, hope you can help me!

I come from Sweden and will spend at least two years in Taiwan studying a master degree at NTU. In Sweden, travel insurance comes with many VISA/MasterCard for free. I have used this insurance when my baggage was delayed and also when I missed my connecting flight, and I'm very satisfied with my current cards insurance. BUT, my cards insurance only covers trips FROM the Nordic countries, and thus not if I travel from Taiwan to Hong Kong/Japan/South Korea, etc.

Here is an example of incidents that one of my card's free insurance covers (there is no deductible on the amounts):

Cancellation coverage ------ 124,000 TWD
Baggage delay --------------- 8500 TWD after 6 hours, 21,000 TWD after 48 hours
Arrival delay ----------------- 3000 TWD after 6 hours, 7500 after 24 hours
Missed connecting flight --- 41,000 TWD
Deductible elimination ----- 41,000 TWD (on house, apartment, car rental, etc.)

Which Taiwanese debit cards offer free travel insurance?
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