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Changing Korean won in Taiwan?

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Changing Korean won in Taiwan?

Postby catch22 » 10 Mar 2007, 12:13

I'm pretty sure this won't be a problem, but I'd like to ask just to be sure... Taiwanese banks will exchange Korean won right? And the rate will be better than if I convert in Korea? I just don't want to arrive in Taiwan with a wad of bills I can't do anything with. Thanks.
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
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Postby jlick » 10 Mar 2007, 13:17

Should be no problem. Can't say if the rate will be better but the buy/sell spread here is usually around 1%.
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Presidential Advisor (zǒng tǒng gù wèn)
Presidential Advisor (zǒng tǒng gù wèn)
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Re: Changing Korean won in Taiwan?

Postby globalgourmand » 05 Aug 2012, 11:41

Allow me to bump this in hopes of getting an updated second opinion? I'm moving from Korea and will have all my money with me. Like the OP, I don't want to get to Taiwan and have a bunch of cash I can't use.

I was thinking of converting a small chunk at the airport IN Taiwan and the rest later at a bank in hopes of getting a better rate. I don't think I'd get a better rate exchanging here in Korea, correct?
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Re: Changing Korean won in Taiwan?

Postby Chris » 05 Aug 2012, 12:26

You can change Korean Won here in Taiwan. Mega Bank certainly does. And you'll surely get a better rate in Taiwan.

Almost any time NT dollars are involved, it's better to do the exchange in Taiwan. Overseas banks in most places like to tack huge fees onto NT dollars.

As for the banks in the airport, I'd imagine they do exchange Won, but I can't say for certain. You may want to convert enough Won to NT$ in Korea to tide you over for a few days, or if the exchange rate is abysmal (like a 30% loss, which I've sometimes seen with overseas NT$ exchanges), just convert them to US$ and then change the US$ to NT$ at the airport bank in Taiwan.
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