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Bank Deposit Services

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Bank Deposit Services

Postby suiyuan31 » 10 Nov 2010, 16:34

I have a rep office here and I need to be away traveling for the next several months. I have a lot of checks that come here and I always deposit them myself. I am not sure what to do with these checks while I am away. I can't find any friends (that I trust) who are willing to be bothered with depositing them for me, and I have reservations about them actually doing it on time so that I can move the money around as I need.

Are there any services in Taiwan for this? Will accountants here do it for me?
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Night Market Cop (yè shì tiáo zi)
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Re: Bank Deposit Services

Postby llary » 17 Nov 2010, 00:34

Have you tried Enspyre?
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