Taiwanese banks don't know what bank statements are?

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Re: Taiwanese banks don't know what bank statements are?

Postby finley » 15 Jun 2012, 19:59

but 9 times out of 10 you will leave disappointed.

That pretty much sums up the UK, for me :) Anyway, HSBC are a bunch of wankers. In fact they not even any good at being wankers. The last time I went there, they'd actually mislaid my bank account. Literally disappeared. They weren't interested in attempting to recover it. Fortunately it didn't have much money in it.

btw, I just happened to need a statement myself from my bank (國泰). I didn't even know the correct word for "statement", but they still said "no problem". Not only were the counter girls immensely helpful (and cute) they produced what I needed without getting grumpy at the malfunctioning computer equipment.
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