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Lien Chan's son shot during political rally

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Threads dealing with Taiwan's history belong in the Culture & History thread. Please do not post articles - use links instead. Quoted sources should be limited to one paragraph in length, or less. If you see a post that you feel is against the rules, you can send a report to the moderators so we can look into it

Re: Lien Chan's son shot during political rally

Postby Betelnut » 07 May 2012, 02:09

Okay, so this thread is about someone in the pan blue camp shooting him for real (without his consent) in order to boost the KMT's lackluster support in 2010? Is that what the discussion is about?

You should look into the ballistics of the 319 case before making assessments over who was involved and who was not involved. If you knew more details of the case, you would know that Chen could not have pulled it off without everyone in the jeep knowing what they were doing. Annette Lu is a funny one.

About 5 days before the incident, she claims she hurt her right knee at the big DPP rally on March 13 in Kaohsiung. She was on crutches the next day. Then if you watch her that day, she uses her right knee to get up on a jeep to campaign putting her weight on it as she gets up on that thing. I guess the knee wasn't hurting so bad after all.

Then if you watch her at DPP rallies between March 14 and March 18, she is walking around perfectly fine as if nothing is wrong with her right knee.

Then on March 19, she is supposedly hit in the right knee right exactly at the point where her knee was taped up from her supposed injury days before. She is sitting on a seat in the jeep but there's an issue with her light injury which would have been worse if her knee wasn't so tightly wrapped.

Her knee isn't high enough for a round to hit her knee. Dr. Lee was wondering about this when he did his laser show. He couldn't get the straight laser to hit her knee no matter how hard he tried.

So when he returned to Taipei, he called her on the phone and asked her if she had a box under her feet. She said "YES! I had a box under my feet and my knee was high enough to be hit by a round coming from the outside."

Fellas, if Dr. Lee was really neutral and not getting paid to do a cover up job, he wouldn't be asking biased questions like that. He would just ask her what was the position of her knee during the incident. He wouldn't be asking her if her knee was lifted up because his laser couldn't hit it.

If you want to accuse me of creating a massive conspiracy involving millions, you may, but I challenge people to use just their common sense and rudimentary understanding of ballistics and physics.

If her knee wasn't high enough to be hit given the supposed angle of the round coming from the outside, then her knee got hit some other way and therefore she isn't telling the truth about how she got a rubber bullet wound on her knee which is what it looks like in the pictures.

Take Dr. Lee's report and show the wound to people who have experience looking at gunshot wounds and other kinds of wounds. Her little wound on her knee looks more like a riot control rubber bullet.

Once again, not getting into conspiracy, just wounds and ballistics.

When I talk about the lack of video, I am referring to the hot area that day. There were enough people in the hot area that day that someone should have been able to snap a picture or video of them getting hit. However, the CIB and police immediately collected people's digital cameras and put them away. Is that standard operating procedure? If you think that it is, then how come the CIB was never able to produce a picture or video of them actually being hit there? If they were being accused of doing a fake shooting incident, they could have proven to everyone that they really were shot with their collection of digital cameras that they collected from the public. Instead, they collected the digital cameras so that there would be no evidence of a staged incident.

They collected people's cameras, but didn't seal the scene off to find bullet casings that would help them catch the supposed shooter. Does that make sense? To collect people's digital cameras but have no interest in finding the shooting evidence? If it was a real shooting, you'd collect the cameras and seal of the scene to find bullet casings.

Why didn't they do both? Because there weren't any bullet casings on the ground until 3 1/2 hours after the incident. Therefore, they cleaned the street of firecracker debris and the casings magically appeared.

If you go down to Tainan and ask the people who picked up the casings, they have got a really convincing story. That entire street of people all have their stories straight. The son of the betelnut stand won't even talk to people about it because he gets asked so much. He doesn't want to look people straight in the eye and tell them that he wasn't directed to pick up those casings, so his gangster parents lie to anyone who ask them about it.

And if you take a look at the behind the scenes video of some of the National Security Bureau people, you will also scratch your head. The media took some footage of them in the basement of Chi-Mei hospital when they thought they weren't being filmed. The NSB people are laughing behind the scenes. They stopped the media from filming the jeep as they tried to film. They acted all serious.

Then later on, they went back and started laughing amongst themselves.

I don't know about you guys, but if the guy I am being paid to protect just got hit and I was on his security detail, I wouldn't be laughing about it right afterwards.

We've seen and heard stories about Secret Service men feeling guilty about not protecting the president when he got hit in the States and other countries. But in Taiwan, the NSB laughs about it right after the incident like the accomplished their mission of creating an incident the day before a presidential election when the president is lagging behind by 1.5 million ballots??

Right. They got their job done that day.

After the election, people involved in the incident like the head of the NSB sitting in the passenger seat, were promoted for "failing" to do their jobs. Can you imagine that? These people failed to protect the president, and get promoted for it? Or is it because they have first hand knowledge of something and Chen wants to keep them on his side?

Now instead of playing the conspiracy card against me where millions must be involved, try looking at the sequence of events and the people involved and ask yourself what should normally happen in an attempt against the head of state.

The NSB should have been justifying their security details and looking serious the whole time. They would have sealed the scene off looking for evidence immediately. People in the NSB and the people in the jeep would be punished and demoted for not protecting the president.

That's normal. What happened was not normal.

headhonchoII wrote:You believed an anecdote immediately from the doctor acquaintance about Lien's shooting but discount anecdotes from the people you don't know.

I actually believe Lien was shot for your reference, the more interesting question will always be why. I'm glad he wasn't badly hurt.

I'm also not saying that I believe CSB had nothing to do wit the shooting. I don't believe Annette Lu did though. But we have little evidence either way, and claiming Henry Lu was paid off. Stretching it by a mile, Henry Lu doesn't need the aggravation, I'm sure he rotally regrets getting involved in this case.

Not having video evidence doesnt mean anything. They won't always be pointing an the right angle, have the resolution required and also the vehicle was moving. You seem to stretch every person and every fact into a giant convoluted conspiracy theory, if there was a conspiracy , most likely it was of the small home grown amateur variety. This is Taiwan and we are talking about CSB here.
Chair-throwing Legislator (rēng yǐzi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
Chair-throwing Legislator (rēng yǐzi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
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Re: Lien Chan's son shot during political rally

Postby Betelnut » 12 May 2012, 00:10

So here's the sentence.

I can't believe someone intervened to help Sean Lien after he got shot. He must have been planted there to stop the shooter from finishing him off. Therefore, it's a conspiracy to help the lagging KMT party's support. Yes, it sure was lucky in this staged incident that that it was only a flesh wound and resulted in such a small wound. Not a big deal. I can't believe the media even reported the incident before an important election. It shouldn't have been in the news because it unfairly influenced the elections. This is whole thing is so unfair...
Chair-throwing Legislator (rēng yǐzi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
Chair-throwing Legislator (rēng yǐzi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
Posts: 302
Joined: 20 Apr 2005, 09:11

Lien Chan's son shot during political rally

Postby headhonchoII » 12 May 2012, 07:54

Again you are spinning a lot of little things into a bigger web that doesn't have much holding it together. Taiwan's law enforcement personnel are incompetent, how hard is that for you to understand.
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