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Love comes in the strangest ways

A non-threatening place for individuals and couples living in Taiwan to discuss dating and relationship issues

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Love comes in the strangest ways

Postby wonder » 02 Aug 2011, 13:21

I apologize for the melodramatic post, but it actually suits this short story. :roll:

I made a post some time ago about how hard it was to find single, Taiwanese women in Kaohsiung City who were in their 30s and 40s. Sure there's plenty of young single women, but the former is hard to get.

So I had been having dinner in a restaurant very near my school quite often when I noticed this fantastic looking waitress. We started flirting and I later found out she was 32 and Vietnamese, but had impeccable Mandarin skills. We soon agreed to meet for tea near the restaurant but she was awfully shy and spoke only Mandarin. My Mandarin sucks so it was difficult but yet very satisfying for both of us to finally meet.

I continued frequenting this restaurant and we set up a few more meetings, with each one getting a little better. I realised that I knew much more Mandarin than I thought, and she was very charitable when communicating with me. She did her best to understand and of course I did the same. She never once made me feel that our language barrier was a problem.

One thing led to another and we soon had a "date" . It was near my house and she asked if she could see my apartment. We had a great time that afternoon. I did not want to have sex with her on the first date so we just got to know each other a lot better.

She works two jobs and has a child (she is separated from her Taiwanese husband) and of course I work a lot of evenings but we still get to see each other at least once a week and when I am at the restaurant. This has been going on now for about two months and....are we in love?

Hmmmm....well we both count the days until we see each other and she calls me even though speaking Mandarin on the phone is a god-awful chore. Yet we are very very happy.

I wasn't looking for love at a small outdoor Taiwanese restaurant but it may have found me. And who knows of the longevity of this tentative relationship? But we both seem to be willing to see where it goes.

Cheers Forumosans. Never lose hope. :notworthy:
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High School Triad Member (gāozhōng liúmáng)
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Re: Love comes in the stangest ways

Postby jimipresley » 02 Aug 2011, 13:22

Great news! :thumbsup:
You can live here and have a great life and not be the least bit into living the local life. Clowns will try to diss you for it saying you gotta get down with the program, but fuck em, treat this place like a buffet and yous be on a diet. Take what you want and nothing extra, slam those oysters, but leave the bread sticks and dinner rolls behind. - Deuce Dropper

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Re: Love comes in the stangest ways

Postby Jaboney » 02 Aug 2011, 13:24

Separated from her Taiwanese husband? Could be trouble. Hope it's not.

Aside from that, yay for you. Luck.
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Re: Love comes in the stangest ways

Postby Mucha Man » 02 Aug 2011, 13:24

Made me smile. Best of luck to you both.
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Mucha Man
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Re: Love comes in the stangest ways

Postby Gryphon » 02 Aug 2011, 13:30

:thumbsup: Best wishes :)
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Sidewalk Geomancer (lù biān suàn mìng tān)
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Re: Love comes in the stangest ways

Postby Northcoast Surfer » 02 Aug 2011, 15:27

Congratulations and best wishes.

However, don't have sex with her until she's legally divorced from her husband. Adultery is a felony in Taiwan and punishable by fines, imprisonment for up to one year, and deportation after the sentence is served. Then, there's always her husband who might not take too kindly to a big nose diddling his wife, regardless of being physically separated, and therefore might use your head for batting practice. In Taiwan there is only married or not married, separated doesn't count. Tread carefully. :doh:
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Northcoast Surfer
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Re: Love comes in the stangest ways

Postby sandman » 02 Aug 2011, 15:48

Hope it works out for you. Tread carefully, though. Its a nice story.
Manjusri (Wénshū)
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Re: Love comes in the stangest ways

Postby tango42 » 02 Aug 2011, 16:28

I can feel the love all the way up here in Taipei. Keep us posted, as I also sense more stange ways coming and the suspense is killing me to find out what is next... hope the suspense lasts...
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Time to Marry a Local (gāi qǔ tái wān lǎo pó jià tái wān lǎo gōng liǎo)
Time to Marry a Local (gāi qǔ tái wān lǎo pó jià tái wān lǎo gōng liǎo)
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Re: Love comes in the stangest ways

Postby divea » 02 Aug 2011, 16:36

"It is the weak who are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong. "
- Leo Roston
Retired President (tuì xiū de zǒng tǒng)
Retired President (tuì xiū de zǒng tǒng)
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Re: Love comes in the strangest ways

Postby Chris » 02 Aug 2011, 17:03

Good luck!! :heart: :serenade:
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