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Reassessing the Psycho Xiaojie

A non-threatening place for individuals and couples living in Taiwan to discuss dating and relationship issues

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Re: Reassessing the Psycho Xiaojie

Postby bismarck » 18 Apr 2012, 23:19


That about sums it up.
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Re: Reassessing the Psycho Xiaojie

Postby Ducked » 19 Apr 2012, 00:07

Whole Lotta Lotta wrote:I want to say something about this slowly backing off thing; It is best to make a clean break from your previous relationship before starting a new one. I have seen girls use this slowly backing off technique and it can have negative consequences when starting a new relationship.
What will happen is the girl will start denying dates or whatever from the previous bf and hope the ex-bf figures it out. The girl will be single, in her opinion, but the bf may still think they are together because she hasn't cleanly broken it off. The girl does something with another guy, the other guy finds out about it and feels cheated on. I think Taiwanese should make efforts to cleanly break things off in order to avoid any confusion. :2cents:

Dunno, but I've been told more than once it was a "don't burn bridges/fallback position" thing when I've been in that situation with girls.

Girl had me, I was a known, if not entirely satisfactory quantity, and she wanted to be sure of her next... er..jump, before she broke off with me.

Sound tactics, though painfull if you're emotionally involved/dependent after a long relationship, and on the recieving end.

It sounds, and is, cold, but its perhaps worse than the girl realises, because I think they tend to over-estimate their ability to conceal. I always twigged what was up long before the girl said anything, as I think most people would in that situation.

These were Scottish/English girls, but I'd guess the rationale is pretty international.
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Re: Reassessing the Psycho Xiaojie

Postby bumclouds » 22 Apr 2012, 02:51

bismarck wrote:Image

That about sums it up.

Your warning level: [4]
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