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local guys talking smack about you?

A non-threatening place for individuals and couples living in Taiwan to discuss dating and relationship issues

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Re: local guys talking smack about you?

Postby Ermintrude » 27 Sep 2013, 18:05

buzzkill1 wrote:By the way, most of the British I've met are cool people whom I've enjoyed interacting with. For the most part people are just people, after all. However, some Brits seem to be a bit pompous at times. I won't name any names :whistle:

Sideswipe! Pow! Take that!
'And we'll hide from the cunts, on our night reconnaissance'.
Generalissimo (dàyuánshuài)
Generalissimo (dàyuánshuài)
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Re: local guys talking smack about you?

Postby buzzkill1 » 27 Sep 2013, 23:37

British humour I presume? :ponder:
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Scooter Commuter (qí jī chē shàng xià bān)
Scooter Commuter (qí jī chē shàng xià bān)
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Re: local guys talking smack about you?

Postby Havox » 27 Aug 2015, 18:25

I once had a vet tell my GF that I was cheating on her in front of my face because I had gone in earlier with the owner of the dog, who happened to be an American female. My Chinese wasn't very good at the time but I knew something was up. My girlfriend refused to translate what he was saying while we were there, but I eventually got it out of her. Let's just say the next encounter with that guy was very uncomfortable for him. I managed to get the most insincere apology out of him after about 20 minutes.

Haters gonna hate
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
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Re: local guys talking smack about you?

Postby BlownWideOpen » 27 Aug 2015, 20:11

Ahh you're obviously new to these parts. You'll soon lose interest in this type of thing, as there's no point walking around pissed off all the time, and the locals don't care enough to change. But it is fun every once in a while getting your rocks off and laying in to a local, great stress reliever, I do it myself
Neighbour of the Beast
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Re: local guys talking smack about you?

Postby quest » 21 Dec 2015, 21:05

Read most of this thread. Just wanted to say it's probably the most interesting and insightful thread I've come across on this forum.

Well done everyone. Even the assholes. You know who you are :wink:
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